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DermaGen launches new website

Pyramid har idag lanserat biomedicinska företaget DermaGens nya webbsajt, Pyramid står för design och utveckling. DermaGens VD, Dr Jan Alenfall beskriver den nya sajten:

In line with its growth and expanded business activities, DermaGen AB has recently launched its new website. Both the design and content have been enhanced to make the site more attractive to readers and provide them with in-depth information. Features that have been addressed are:

Graphic design – taking an up-to-date approach to graphic design now gives our website a fresh look with eye-catching colors and nice-looking layout. Additional decorative pictures and other graphic content make a visit much more interesting.

Web structure – This has been expanded to give the reader a lot more information. The main menu titles of Company and Technology have now been supplemented with The Challenge, Indications, Product development and Business Model.

Information content – essentially the content has been upgraded to provide the depth of information that those interested in antimicrobial peptides for topical application would expect to find. In addition to the scientific content, the business model now gives potential investors and inventors better information about how they can become involved in partnerships, licensing and collaboration.

We hope that all who visit will agree with us that the new website is one to be proud of.

For more information on DermaGen AB contact:

Dr. Jan Alenfall, CEO
Phn: + 46 (0)46 192 197
Mob: + 46 (0)709 315 115