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Bluetooth® uses social media to put focus on micro-loans and sharing

In our ever more inter-connected world, company image is critical. Social media make sure that corporate action, both good and bad, becomes public knowledge at the speed of light.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the organization driving development of Bluetooth® wireless technology, has gone straight to the source, utilizing this fact to ‘do good while doing well’. By doing so, it is also raising public awareness of how Bluetooth technology makes it fun and easy to share information, music, video and experiences.


On October 13, the Bluetooth SIG publicly launched its global ‘Sharing4Caring’ initiative. Pledging to lend up to $25,000 to small third-world entrepreneurs through the Kiva on-line micro-financing website, Bluetooth SIG asks its website visitors to spend just two minutes of their time. Every time a new visitor ‘clicks through’, the Bluetooth SIG pledges a dollar to a Kiva entrepreneur. The click-through also generates an optional Facebook notification, and enables the visitor to spread the word about his or her good deed through Twitter or Facebook.

The result? Good press for Bluetooth®. Good vibes for its visitors. Micro-financing gets further reinforcement and greater public awareness of Bluetooth technology’s capabilities.

Pyramid Communication developed this original concept. Visit the site now to see how it works (and to help do good!).