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Earlier this week, our Art Director Henrik posted about a creative annual report from Warby Parker. I, too, was impressed with their report and tweeted about it. I didn’t mention the company name or twitter handle; yet, because they had set up an auto-search for links to their report, the company’s customer service twitter account found my tweet.

And here’s the really important part: they thanked me.

Simple. Easy. So impressive. Strange that a plain “we appreciate you” would impress me so, but the reality is that few businesses take the time to do that. So if you do, you stand out. For all the right reasons.

Take a look at the @WarbyParkerHelp twitter stream. It’s tweet after tweet of thank you, you’re welcome, let us know if we can help, we appreciate you, etc. Each one connected to a person out there who now feels great about the company. And it doesn’t stop there. Because each one of those people is connected to countless others.

Twitterstream Warby Parker

I’m not a customer. I may never be. (Although I’m seriously considering getting some new frames for my glasses now.) But in social media, that doesn’t matter. Why? Because one person’s voice can reach so far. After all, I tweeted about it — twice. And here I am writing a post about it. You’re reading it. Who else will see it?

Never underestimate the power of simple manners and direct acknowledgement. You never know how far it will reach.

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