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Discover a more efficient approach to content marketing on Ruukki’s website

More and more companies today are “buying in” to content marketing. They understand the tremendous value of creating and distributing relevant and consistent content to attract a clearly defined audience. And perhaps more importantly, they understand that effective content marketing (all communication, really) comes from a well-defined marketing strategy that has management buy-in for the whole communication concept.

Yet, once a strategy is set and management is all in, how do you make sure you can efficiently and effectively put it into practice and keep it up?

Re-using content in existing channels multiplies content marketing efforts

To start, it’s a good idea to define a content strategy that focuses your organization on using the most suitable channels for target-group oriented content. An advantage with approving the overall content and then repurposing it across channels is that you only need to get buy-in from management once, rather than for each individual communication action for the market.

Your website can offer built-in knowledge to personalize content

One obvious channel to convey accurate and consistent messaging is the corporate website, which is ideal for effective re-use and re-purposing of approved content for various target groups. When set up correctly, your website contains a wealth of knowledge about your audience. It’s important to leverage this to create personalized content for each defined target group by knowing who your visitors are and by identifying their behavior on the website.

Ruukki Discover sorts relevant content at visitors’ fingertips

Increasingly, customers are becoming less tolerant of jumping between various channels to find relevant information (from blog to case library to product information to videos, etc.) Instead, they want to search for and be presented with the content they want to see regardless of which format it’s in.

Recently, Pyramid helped Ruukki with a concept to brief the correct information in various levels to web visitors by letting them explore and discover the content from their perspective. Ruukki Discover would re-use already approved content, creating a brand new channel for doing this within their existing website. The goal was to develop a platform with the content in focus that offered a unique design for new, interesting interaction with the visitor.

With the new concept, content is introduced in three levels, making it a lot easier for the visitor to sort what is interesting. After choosing an area of interest from a brief introduction, the visitor can click to the next layer that presents a context of the information. At the last level, the visitor can click for the full scope of in-depth information that, in most cases, already exists in the Ruukki website. The visitor is also, at any level, able to sort, share and subscribe to everything new that happens here. To make it really useful it is, of course, presented in full responsive design and adaptable to all devices.

Ruukki Discover lets visitors decide what is interesting to explore from a content perspective and it allows a seamless mix of articles, blogs, news, product data and videos. A great piece of convincing information can be in any of these channels, but visitors usually don’t have time to sift through and evaluate everything themselves. Now, content can be quickly found via subjects and themes and can be filtered in different context levels in a more engaging way.

With this project, we’ve opened up a whole new way for Ruukki’s customers to Discover their relevant content.

For more information, please contact Rikard Jevinger, Account Director at Pyramid.


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