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The customer brief was crystal clear. “We are leading change within the chemical industry, don’t show us anything less than ground-breaking.” The agency response was equally clear. “You want change. You will have change.”

With a tight time-frame, scarce internal resources, a new cross-agency cooperation, and a whole new format and design for content, a stunning microsite was developed in less than seven weeks. There was some amazing leading going on, and oh boy, there was change. Want to check it out? Go digital with Perstorp.

Graal work group:
Ann-Christin Lindstedt, Brand Developer/Copywriter
Anders Adolvsson, Art Director
Torbjörn Buhré, Interactive Art Director
Henke Blomqvist, Interactive Art Director
Johan Warnolf, Graphical Designer
Jesper Petersson, Production Manager
Emma Nilsson, Brand strategist/Account Director