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When it comes to sports reporting, mine would be about as detailed as Monica’s from Friends: “… the high today was forty-five and, oh, teams played sports.” Now, I grew up in Texas so just admitting this out loud could get me booted (or perhaps worse, the dreaded “well bless her heart,” which for the uninitiated in Texas lingo translates to “what an idiot”) But let’s be honest. We all know the real game this weekend wasn’t the Super Bowl. So let’s talk commercials!

However, since that could take as long and be as point-less as the game looked there for a while, let’s narrow our look to what are arguably the winning trends in ads this year.

The slightly somber, bordering on manipulative, tug-on-your-heartstrings advertising that followed ever since Chrysler’s winning run with “Halftime in America” and “Farmer” have been giving way to a breath of fresher, more upbeat air. This year people are appreciating the brands that can set aside egos, laugh at themselves, and put a funnier, more positive spin on negatives. A response to our times, perhaps? To quote MickyD’s, “I’m lovin’ it!”

Making it into most of the top lists this year are the brands that make fun of themselves in that charming, Avis we’re-number-two way or take a hilarious, yes-we-know-this-sucks approach to the less sexy elements of their industry as a whole.

Pepsi – More Than OK

Hyundai – The Elevator

Amazon – Not Everything Makes the Cut

Stella Artois – Change Up the Usual

Expensify – 2 Chainz and Adam Scott

Bud Light + HBO

And there’s even the one that pokes fun at Super Bowl commercials themselves and the fact that no one can remember the actual product they’re supposed to be selling.

Ram Trucks – Can’t Remember

There were, of course, still some heartstring-tugging spots that managed to do it with a feeling of sincerity. Kudos to …

Microsoft – We All Win

Verizon – The Coach Who Wouldn’t Be Here

Bumble + Serena

Also, can we name a special category for Burger King this year? Because Andy Warhol.

So what do you think? Will we see a surge in marketers following the lighter, happier trend? And what is your favorite of the bunch?