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Here we are. Our last date in this article series about brand experience strategy. We’ve come to the moment of truth. Literally. Or rather the Moments of Truth. But first, let’s indulge a quick flashback at how far we’ve come.

It all started with our first meeting, when we defined what we wanted from the brand experience – a lifelong relationship, not just a date now and then (it’s THE brand experience rather than AN experience). And we expressed it in a simple and elegant statement: The Brand Experience Infinity Loop.

The infinity loop draws people into your experience and keeps them there. From exploring a need, to discovering solutions, to evaluating your brand, choosing you, using your product, loving you and advocating for you. Over and over again.

It’s this mentality we want in working with THE brand experience. There is no end – only forward movement and continuing relationship involving every part of your organization.

This means we need to find the key moments that build the energy and keep people moving, what we call moments of truth

  • The zero moment of truth – ZMOT – before they even really know what they need and they’re just googling stuff 
  • The first moment of truth, when they choose you over someone else 
  • The second moment, after they’ve chosen and start using your product or working for you 
  • And the third moment, when they talk about it

Shared moments
But what gets really interesting today is exploring shared moments. These are totally reshaping brand experience. Because brands are no longer created; they’re co-created.

“Some say shared experiences are the new search. … Study after study shows that customers trust other customers. They don’t trust executives. They don’t trust ads. They do trust peers.” – Brian Solis

Even total strangers. Just look at unboxing videos …you know where they film themselves opening the newest iPhone box? Millions of people watching some random person open a package. And now that random person’s second moment of truth becomes other people’s zero moment or first moment.

You can’t control these moments. You can influence them. (Design a cooler box.) But better yet, you can use them. Draw them into your brand experience loop purposefully and use their momentum to push people forward. Hack their hacks (you know, like Ikea did with Ikea hacks).

Now, this may mean loosening your vice grip on your brand a little so you can get a better grip for the future. Remember, it’s about brand love, not brand control.

These articles have only been a primer in brand experience and a teaser to Graals Brand Experience Strategy offering. If you’d like to see how far your brand experience can go, connect here or visit us at Graal Brand Agency.