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Pingday, which has built the digital infrastructure in Helsingborg, is working to be a gamechanger on the connectivity scene. Ahead of an inspiring 2022 with H22 as the main attraction, the company has developed a new brand platform in cooperation with Graal Brand Agency in Helsingborg.

“When digitalization rapidly revolutionizes the human experience, our role at the crossroad between technology, society, and business is to create new connected solutions. We are going from a relatively anonymous existence as an infrastructure builder to a proactive market player with an exciting mix of digital services,” says Bo Lindberg, Managing Director at Pingday.

With arguably the world’s most advanced city network, Pingday is on the digital world stage and felt a need to analyze its brand and lay a good foundation for communication work.

“Together with our brand agency, we have formulated who we are and what we want to accomplish. In a fast-changing industry like ours, it’s essential to stay true to our core and focused on our stakeholders,” says Marcela Rosenlöf, Head of Marketing at Pingday.”

“Pingday has a unique position, combining their municipal legacy with passionate entrepreneurship,” says Emma Widerberg, General Manager at Graal. “Cities around the world look to Helsingborg and Pingday as the benchmark and perfect testing ground, yet these are humble, curious, non-prestigious people. Whatever they set their minds on achieving, I have no doubt they will succeed,” she continues smiling.

The brand project was conducted during the fall of 2021, initiating the new partnership between Pingday and Graal, including digital and marketing communications services through Graal’s sister agencies Petra Digital Agency and Pyramid Communication.

For more information, please contact:
Bo Lindberg, 010-179 5001,
Marcela Rosenlöf, 010-179 5011,
Emma Widerberg, 010-344 64 01,

About Pingday
Previously known as Öresundskraft Communication Solutions and run as a separate business area within Öresundskraft, Pingday emerged in January 2021 with responsibility for key elements of the digital infrastructure in Helsingborg, Sweden. For more information, visit