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The tennis tournament in Båstad is once again delivering. We are in the middle of the first week with the women’s WTA tournament and we will continue next week with the men’s ATP tournament. As we have done for the last 20 years, Pyramid together with our collegues from Nordic Morning, Comprend, Petra and Graal arrange seminars on the Thursday’s in each tennis week with focus on how you can grow your business through a stronger brand, sales-driving communication and smart digital solutions.

The first seminar in 2023 was a smashing success. 90 guests enjoyed presentations from fantastic speakers including:

Gabriella Fritzon, Senior Art Director, Nordic Morning who talked the importance and potential of accessibility

Lene Sunnegård, Web strategist, Höganäs AB gave us insights of how B2B companies can enter into e-commerce even with a very complex offering

Kevin Mullaney, MarTech Lead, Nordic Morning presented how we best can benefit from ChatGPT and other AI tools in our daily marketing work

Aswathi Nair, Head of Digital Transformation, Papyrus gave an inspiring presentation of how a traditional paper company built a new brand and digital presence that supports people and industries with seamless solutions

Mats Rönne, Senior Strategist, Pyramid Communication gave advice how we should present marketing in the right way for management to motivate the budget needed.

Ante Demirian, Head of Martech, Data & Analytics, Nordic Morning provided insights about how analytics and predictive models will help you make smarter data-driven decisions.

Keep your eyes open, the seminars will be posted on-line after Summer.