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One challenge for us working with marketing is to secure the right budget for the task at hand. The recipe for success involves the ability to discuss desired effect but to do it with the words management use themselves. Brand awareness as an example might seem fluffy, but can directly be translated to “future sales potential” since the base for all sales is that potential customers know about us.

Measuring effect is not so simple as it sounds. Working with ROI today as measurement? It’s probably the worst parameter to use for marketing. Learn why and how to do it right.

And now when it’s time for budgeting, learn to argue like Rossa Shanks, CMO på Dow Jones, about why the company should invest more in marketing…

This is going to be additive from a revenue point of view. It is going to increase our productivity overall, which will increase EBITDA. … If we don’t do it, this is the revenue at risk.

Welcome to an exciting breakfast seminar on October 5.

Emma Widerberg, General Manager, Graal Brand Agency
Mats Rönne, Strategic Advisor, Pyramid Communication