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Most Scandinavian companies face the challenge of motivating a premium price, ie to make potential customers understand why paying X% more is a very profitable investment.

But what is value? And what arguments customer find worth paying a premium price for?

The first thing to remember is that value for a customer always is “perceived value”. In B2B, the product itself is always a significant part of the value equation but many more emotional arguments play an important role. Today there are scientific methods in understanding exactly what customers are prepared to pay extra for. And communication is the key tool to get customers to see the real value.

At our Båstad seminars this summer, some of the leading brand experts in the Nordics gave their view on how you should think and act. Take the opportunity to gain insights from:

  • Building your brand and position within sustainability
    Johan Anselmsson, Lund University
  • Brand origin – capitalize on the value of where you come from?
    Mats Rönne, Pyramid
  • The power of pricing
    Nicolai Broby Eckert, Simon Kucher
  • Partnering with Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team
    Maria Bergving, Akkodis

Register today and experience these seminars and many more. Best of all – it’s totally free.
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PS. Did you know that 1% higher price according to McKinsey will mean 8% on your bottom line. A very good reason to increase the perceived value of your offering.