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With Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and many other channels unavailable, China has created a large number of its own social networking platforms. Here are just some of them:

WeChat, a mobile app, has developed into the biggest hub for communication in China. It has all the features of WhatsApp, Facebook, Apple Pay and a multitude of other utilities. Fast approaching 900 million active users WeChat is a necessity in modern Chinese people’s daily life.

Weibo, which is structured like Twitter, is the most popular blogging platform for Chinese users. Companies with a Weibo account can increase their level of communication with their customers, posting messages that contain much more content than what they can accomplish with Twitter. Many people use Weibo to follow celebrities, influencers, and like-minded individuals.

Youku Tudou, is similar to YouTube, but contains less self-produced content and more professionally created ones. Youku and Tudou were once two competing streaming websites that merged a couple of years ago.

Tencent QQ Video is one of the leading online video streaming sites and it offers a wide range of licensed and original content. It is now growing faster than Youku and, owned by Tencent, offers easy integration into WeChat.

RenRen, launched in 2005, has been described as the Chinese version of Facebook, but now has little impact after failing to switch to mobile usage.